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In 1985, Johnson Material Handling Systems began to offer custom fabrication and installation services in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area.

Since that time, JMH has become a full systems integrator utilizing the capabilities of our sister company Automation Engineering which provides control and information systems. As a representative of several major conveyor manufacturers, JMH has completed installations in 23 states. With nearly 150 years of combined experience, our personnel is poised to deliver our customers the service they deserve. Johnson Material Handling will continue a 25-year tradition of high standards and a superior commitment to the products we produce and companies we represent.


Conveyor Systems – New, Modifications, and Upgrades

  • Tabletop
  • Belt – Slider Bed, Belt on Roller, Wire Mesh Belt
  • Static (Gravity)
  • Powered Roller
  • Overhead
    • Chain – Free, Power, Power and Free, Enclosed Track, I-Beam
  • I-Beam Trolley – Free, Power
  • Custom Conveyors
  • In-floor Conveyors and Towveyors
  • Heavy Duty/Heavy Weight Conveyor
  • Assembly Lines – New, Modifications, and Upgrades

Jigs, Fixtures, and Specialized Work Holding Assemblies

Work Cells and Work Stations

Automated Equipment Design and Fabrication for Assembly Lines and Work Cells

Control System Design and Implementation

Control Panel Fabrication

Field Installation – Mechanical, Electrical, Process Piping

Plant Maintenance Services

Equipment Relocation Services

Modification and Retrofits of Plant Equipment

Design and Fabrication Services – Custom Racks, Custom Carts, Etc.


Lift Tables, Lift and Tilt Equipment, Container Tilters, Turntables, Work Positioners, Upenders

Hoists, Cranes, Jib Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Monorails, Workstation Lifts and Cranes

Intelligent Lifting Devices

Workstation and Assembly Line Festoons

Fall Arrest Systems

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Total System Integration


Total System Integration

A complete and unified effort, especially to achieve the desired effect.

JMH is committed to providing services that fully integrate any material handling system. These include control panel fabrication, programming services, Mechanical Installations, electrical installations, process piping, quality testing systems, and many other services.


Start to Finish Projects

Concept to Completion
The success of a project depends on the diligence to see every step through To Completion. JMH is committed to providing support through all phases of a project.


Quality Industry Partnerships

A degree of excellence, superiority in kind, an acquired skill.
We are proud to be representatives of the product and service offerings of Roach Conveyors® (Since 1995), and Jervis B. Webb ® Material Handling (Since 1988), and Advance Lifts®.


Cost Effective Solutions

Productivity relative to the cost.
Every project provides a vast array of choices and subsequently opportunities to maximize value. JMH is committed to looking at every detail in order to ensure a cost-effective, ‘best value’ system.


Long-term Relationships

Relating to, or constituting an operation or obligation based on a considerable term and especially one of more than 10 years.
In 2010, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary. We are proud to have many customers With whom we have enjoyed relationships of 10, 15, 20 or more years. We are committed to making every new customer a repeat customer.


Custom Solutions

Made or performed according to special order.
Johnson Material Handling realizes that very few systems can be successful without innovative solutions. In addition to offering a large spectrum of standard components, JMH is able to design and construct even the most custom components and systems. This capability often sets our offerings apart from the rest of the industry.